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Hovsep Grigoryan

The master Hovsep Grigoryan -OMO- (1928-2004) the major part of his life about more 50 years granted to the preparing of Armenian Folk Instruments : Duduk, Zurna, Shvi and others.

Many people have looked for , tried and are trying to get the special original sound of his prepared Duduk , but ineffectual.




Arthur H. Grigoryan

The son of Hovsep Grigoryan Arthur H. Grigoryan has prepared the musical instruments since 1997.

Studying at his father Hovsep Grigoryan a long time he has adopted the preparing peculiarities of these instruments.

Considering the nowadays best masters, preparing Duduk, Zurna, Shvi , keeping the family traditions of preparing the musical instruments and in favour of his investigations , in the result of new discovered technologies has improved these instruments, converting them more perfect.

And most of nowadays best dudukists play by the musical instruments, prepared exclusively by Arthur H. Grigoryan, including also world-wide favoured by everybody Djivan Gasparyan

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