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Sergey Karapetyan

Sergey Karapetyan was born in 1933 in Yerevan, Armenia. Even in his childhood he joined the school-group of folk-music instruments. From 1947-1948 he was playing in different groups of folk-music instruments of “Hayphilharmonia”. In 1951 he entered the professional ensemble of folk-music instruments of “Hayphilharmonia”, the head of which was Gurgen Mirzoyan.

From 1952-1955 he was serving in the army as the first clarinet-player of the military brass-band. After the demobilization he worked in different ensembles of folk-music instruments as a musician.

As a professional musician he has started his active occupation from 1964 when he entered folk-music instruments ensemble of Radio and Television after Aram Merangulian as a duduk-player. In 1964 - 1978 he was appointed the first duduk-player, soloist and the concert-master of the duduk-players’ group of the same ensemble.

From 1978-1988 he was giving lessons to the duduk-shvi class of the musical school after Sayat-Nova.

In 1986 Sergey Karapetyan was awarded with the Title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia.

His works by duduk, clarinet and zurna were recorded and are kept in the Golden Fund of the House of Radio. Besides, his performances were released in 2 disks, 2 cassettes, 3 CDs and 2 video-cassettes.

Last 30 years he has often given solo concerts on the Radio and TV, and he has taken part in various concerts both in Armenia and in numerous countries of the world.

Till now Sergey Karapetyan has taken active part in the cultural life of Armenia.

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