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Steen Gees Christensen

Steen Gees Christensen / Denmark. It is quite an honour for me, to appear here on Arthur´s site together with all the fine duduk musicians and teachers from Armeneia. I am 63 years old and started to play duduk for only 2 years ago, after many years of playing other reed /wind instruments.

The duduk is today an important part of my life, it gives me joy and happiness to play the instruments every day , maybe uncomplicated by sight, but very complicated to blow the armenian way. And it gives much pleasure to know the instruments long history and it is a gateway to Armenian culture and rich musical heritage.

In my hands I hold two generations of highly skilled duduk craftsmen, Hovsep Grigoryan duduk in A and his son Arthur Grigoryans duduk in Bb. Both duduks are precise in pitch, easy to play, and with a tone which is rich and full. True professional instruments.

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