11.11.2008 Armenian duduk player virtouso Djivan Gasparyan is going to celebrate his 80th birthday in major concert complex named after Karen Demirchyan in Yerevan, Armenia.

Please feel free to add your congratulations in the comment form below. I promise to translate and pass him your comments and congratulations.

Arthur H. Grigoryan

10 Responses to “HAPPY 80TH DJIVAN GASPARYAN!”

  • Manuela Torosyan:

    Happy 80th Birthday
    I’m Manuela Torosyan, 11 years old
    I play Duduk and i live in Canada!:)

  • Madiana Torosyan:

    Happy 80th Birthday

    I’m Madiana Torosyan from Canada

    I’m 15 years old and i play kanun in Horovel Group

  • Jivan Stepanian:

    Barev Mr. Gasparian,

    My name is Jivan also and I am a duduk player from Toronto, Canada. The fact that I share the name of such a maestro has inspired me greatly to learn the duduk and play various Armenian folk instruments. Happy birthday and congratulations on the impact you have had on the world and the Armenian community worldwide. Take care!

    Jivan Stepanian
    Horovel Folk Ensemble
    Toronto, Canada

  • Roman:

    S dnyom rojdeniya dorogoy dyadya Djivan!!! :-)

    Iskrenne jelayu Vam schastya, dobra, i blagopoluchiya vo vsyom!!!

  • Dear Mr Gasparian,
    Please accept my sincere wishes for a Happy 80th Birthday. I wish that I could be with you to celebrate, but I will be with you in spirit.
    Until we meet one day in Yerevan, it is my prayer that you enjoy continued long life and prosperity, and that you continue inspiring me and other duduk musicians around the world. Without you, I would not have had the interest and inspiration to learn to play our native instrument.
    With much love and respect, I remain
    Hrant Ketenjian
    Musician Duduk Player.
    from Toronto, CANADA

  • S Dnem Rojdeniya Maestro Jivan Gasparyan!!!
    Ot vsey dushi jelayu Vam vsego tol’ko samogo nailuchshego!!!
    Krepkogo zdorov’ya,schast’ya,dolgoletiya,uspehov v tvorchestve!!!
    Spasibo Vam za vse,chto vy sdelali dlya duduka i za to,chto vy est’!!!

    S Yubileem Vas Dorogoy Dydya Jivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Blagodarya Vam ya nachal igrat’ na duduke,i otkryl dlya sebya noviy mir krasoty.

  • Dear Maestro,

    Your music has inspired me ever since first hearing your performance on the Gladiator score, which was the first duduk performance I ever heard.

    After that, I started collecting your work, and started playing duduk myself, learning primarily from listening to your music. Now, the duduk is one of my favorite instruments to use in my own film scores.

    Thank you for being a great inspiration, and I wish you a very happy birthday!

    Best wishes,

    -Herman Witkam
    composer and duduk player
    from the Netherlands

  • Happy Birthday Djivan.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to the world of Duduk, you are a fine Musician and a lovely man.

    I wish you all the very best for the future.

    Matt Hooper
    United Kingdom

  • Happy Birthday Maestro !

    Thank you for all the inspiration you have brought me throughout the years… It would have certainly not have been the same without it…

    To many many more years of amazing Duduk music, and that your playing continues inspiring generations of Duduk players throughout the world.

    Wishing I could be at your concert in person, I must say that I will be there in spirit… Until we meet one day, it is my wish that you have the most wonderful night and that you may show once again to Armenia and the World, why you are the absolute master of your craft…

    Much Love and respect…

    Marinho Nobre

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